Coaching Technique

As a professionally trained
and experienced life coach

As a professionally trained and experienced life coach, I have the tools and understanding to help you to create the life you imagine and get a renewed sense of self.

I base my work on the approach of individual strengths profiling. Its not about whats wrong with us, but its more about those things that are right with us. Character strengths are the psychological ingredients--processes or mechanisms--that define the virtues. Strength contributes to various fulfillments that constitute the good life, for oneself and for others. Signature strengths are strengths of character that a person owns, celebrates, and frequently exercises. The approach relies on the new psychology of traits that recognizes individual differences that are stable and general but also shaped by the individual's setting and thus capable of change...Some settings and situations lend themselves to the development and/or display of strengths, whereas other settings and situations preclude them.

echoME guides you towards
optimum utilization of strengths.

First, I help you identify your signature strengths and then support you answer the questions - How are you using your signature strengths? In what ways are you currently living "the good life"? Alternatively, what opportunities do you see to employ your signature strengths more fully or more consistently? What changes might be helpful or even necessary in order to live "the good life"?

Each one of us have character strengths, but only some are optimally utilized, while most are dormant and need refocus and attention. With the help of strength-based coaching, echoME guides you towards optimum utilization of strengths. This takes you through an introspective, inspirational, and a transforming journey to discover and accept your strengths, build your best version, and construct a plan to achieve that goal using your strengths.