How We Help

Life Coaching

Individuals who know their strengths & use them regularly show greater wellbeing & less depression. High-performing individuals focus more on strengths & talent. echoME helps it's clients achieve highest self-awareness & create positive growth in life through strength awareness and optimal strength use.

Career Coaching

echoME helps you to know your strengths & attain highest self-awareness. It guides you through long-term decisions pertaining to your career goals, the kind of work you choose for a happy & contented life.

Relationship Coaching

Partners who know eachothers' strengths have more stable relationships. They show higher social and emotional intelligence. Have healthier and happier relationships. echoME supports the clients to improve your relationships with partners and most importantly, with self.

The Thinking Tribes (TTT) Workshops

TTT Corporate Workshops
Leaders and members who know theirs and each-other’s strengths and use them regularly are able to bring greater positive organizational outcomes. High performing individuals focus on strengths and talent but for them to be optimally utilized, need appropriate strength-based interventions. These workshops help the organisation to achieve positive outcomes through various positive psychology interventions. Some of the interventions used for conducting workshops are:

  • Building high work engagement
  • Combating procrastination
  • Goal setting and goal achievement
  • Boosting resilience
  • Stress management
  • Mindfulness