echoME visualises a world where each individual is his/her best version.

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I coach youth and adults. Those who are students, executives, senior leaders or entrepreneurs who are facing a challenge or would like to be more effective or fulfilled in their roles.

I live Ahmedabad and meet with clients in-person or virtually via video or phone.

Issues I often address with clients include managing relationships with key employees and others, improving team dynamics, transitioning from technical expert to leader, evolving company culture, and better self-care.


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Coaching Technique

As a professionally trained and experienced life coach, I have the tools and understanding to help you to create the life you imagine and get a renewed sense of self.

I base my work on the approach of individual strengths profiling. Its not about whats wrong with us, but its more about those things that are right with us. Character strengths are the psychological ingredients--processes or mechanisms--that define the virtues. Strength contributes to various fulfillments that constitute the good life, for oneself and for others. Signature strengths are strengths of character that a person owns, celebrates, and frequently exercises. The approach relies on the new psychology of traits that recognizes individual differences that are stable and general but also shaped by the individual's setting and thus capable of change...Some settings and situations lend themselves to the development and/or display of strengths, whereas other settings and situations preclude them.

Dr. Niralii Pandit

Certified Positive Psychology and Life Coach

Currently, coach and mentor for positive psychology and well-being, Dr. Niralii Pandit is a certified positive psychology coach and founder of echoME. She has done various workshops related to optimism, work engagement, resilience, meaning and life purpose and happiness at educational institutions in and outside Gujarat. She is continuously engaged in 1-2-1 coaching of youth and adult in India based on VIA and strength analysis technique. She is also a member of national level coaching council for women – WICCI for Gujarat State Council.

Niralii Pandit has been an academician for the last 15 years. Her professional academic tenure has been through Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII) and Chimanbhai Patel Institute of Management and Research (CPIMR). Today, she looks forward to a contributing to community and society as a passionate positive psychology and life coach.

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User Feedback


It is a unique and new process that shows a lot of promise to help anybody who wants to be happy. It has shown great improvement in my nephew and is helping him a lot to focus on his goals. This is a combination of simple and effective methods that can be done by anybody.

Doctor, Ahmedabad.

Dr Niralii used a unique combination of professional and structured methodology supported by genuine and warm concern in her approach to resolve my daughter's issues.She did not limit her help to the intervention sessions, but rather extended a kind hand even through Whatsapp and phone calls, at required time intervals.It was her true dedication and expertise that helped my daughter heal quickly and effectively.

Devendra Banwari
Business Consultant, Ahmedabad.

I had been suffering from low self esteem and low self worth for past couple of years. I was also going through depression and inability to cope with stress. But within a few sessions of dedicated counselling, I am beginning to see a change in the way I deal with my life situations. Thank you for making me realise my potential. I am going to continue counselling with you until I feel sustainable and realise my full potential.

Rashmi Pant
Data Analyst, Delhi.

When I came to Niralii mam, I was in a state of frenzy. Confused, overwhelmed and panicky. I was skeptical of how merely talking to someone could bring a turnover in my life, but magically it did. Over a period of a month and a half, I could feel a change from within. The subtle, yet insightful perspectives and insights she offered, helped me take back the reins of my life, and walk ahead with dignity. Her professionalism, and structured approach backed with genuine concern for her patients is what makes her work remarkable and commendable. I would recommend Dr Nirali to anyone who needs counseling, for she definitely knows what she is doing. I have immense gratitude and respect for her, as she helped me steer ahead from one of the worst phases of my life.

Student of Psychology, Ahmedabad.

A great new way of working towards achieving your dreams. This different take on calming oneself and focusing on particular things has really helped me. Confidence has been boosted and I feel more confident about things. The approach is very easy to follow and simply does miracles. A regular practice of this method would help any person who wishes good for himself and people around him.

Siddhant Khanna
Student of Philosophy, Mumbai.

I recently had counseling sessions with Mrs. Niralii, she helped me find my core values and top strengths in a very personalized manner. I gained a lot through our sessions, we worked on all of my strengths and weaknesses in detail, it truly helped me reflect on myself. Furthermore, she worked with me to bring clarity in my professional and personal life. She made me feel very comfortable, I could easily open up to her, and she was very genuine in her efforts to help me. She spent a lot of time guiding me, and I am very grateful for that. I would definitely recommend her to my family and friends.

Tanushree Nair
12th Grade Student, Mysore.

With my sessions with Niralii Ma'am I was able to find my true self which was very unfamiliar to me. She has introduced me to strength analysis and how it shapes up the person you are. She taught me how to vitalize your top strengths in your everyday life. I was in a very disoriented state in every aspect of my life but with her help I am now able to focus on a clear path towards my goals. Every incident of my life built a character and strength in me which ma'am made me realize in our sessions. Various mind exercises and guided meditation has a very significant change on me. I am very grateful to ma'am for all her time and help for my improvement.

Khevna Padiar
Student of Pharmacy, Ahmedabad.

Dr. Niralii has been a pillar of strength and support for me. She has helped me find myself and be a better person. She understands that each individual is different and one size does not fit all, and that is reflected in her communication and her understanding of her subject. I am extremely grateful for having the opportunity to have met her and had her guidance.

Pooja Agarwal
Content Writer, Delhi.